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high quality services to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients

Our goal is to identify and treat the source of the problem, develop long term management solutions to optimise patient function and performance.  We aim to do all this whilst keeping you active.

All of our services are complimented by the latest technology:
            •           Exercise classes facilitated by ipads
            •           Dual channel EMG biofeedback
            •           Hand held Dynamometry
            •           Full gym facilities

Our services include:
•           Private treatment sessions
•           Rehabilitation classes
•           Musckuloskeletal athlete screening
•           Strength and conditioning programs
•           Work conditioning programs
•           Educational workshops
•           Sports trainers network
•           Dynamic Sports Performance Program
•           Pregnancy

Private Treatment Sessions
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy use private treatment rooms for all one on one physiotherapy sessions. All private treatment sessions are exclusively with your physiotherapist of choice and are 30 or 60 minutes in duration depending on the complexity of your complaint.

Private treatment sessions focus on:
•           Detailed musculoskeletal and biomechanical assessment
•           Accurate diagnosis
•           Client understanding of their complaint
•           Identification of client goals
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Rehabilitation Classes
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy has extensive experience in the design and delivery of small group exercise classes. Exercise is the corner stone of successful long term solutions for many client complaints and help you Be Active and Stay Active.

Our classes include:
•           Dynamic Spinal Stability
•           Dynamic Upper Limb Stability
•           Dynamic Lower Limb Stability
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Musculoskeletal Athlete Screening
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy offer a wide variety of musculoskeletal screening assessments for individual athletes and sporting teams. Musculoskeletal screenings are designed to identify any sources of potential injury. Once identified we will then teach you techniques to ensure these identified problems are managed correctly and insure optimal physical performance and enjoyment of your chosen sport.
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Strength and Conditioning Programs
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of movement and injuries.  We are therefore are experts in exercise prescription. We can create a customised strength and conditioning program specific to your goals and lifestyle, either to maximize your recovery from injury, for future injury prevention or improve your general fitness and posture. We want you to Be Active and Stay Active.
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Work Related Injury Rehabilitation
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy has extensive experience in treating a wide range of work related injuries.  Our treatment philosophy is to compliment our hands on treatment sessions with a comprehensive strengthening program that is specific to your work demands.  This will ensure a speedy and sustainable return to work.
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Educational Workshops
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy has extensive experience in the delivery of a wide range of educational workshops. These workshops can be tailored to and delivered at your work place or at the Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy Clinic.

Our workshops include:
•           Manual Handling
•           Ergonomics in the workplace
•           Acute injury Management
•           Basic Sports Taping
•           New mum’s – back pain and posture
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Sports Trainers Network
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy have developed a program to ensure the Sutherland Shire has highly skilled sports trainers available to our active population. In conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia our Sports Trainers network will teach you all the skills you need to become a sports trainer. Once you are qualified, the highly skilled team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy will mentor you throughout the program.

Our sports trainers network includes:
•           Sports Trainers Course – Level 1 and 2 (Sports Medicine Australia)
•           Paid positions as a sports trainer throughout the Sutherland Shire at different sporting events.
•           Mentoring by the Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy team
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Dynamic Sports Performance Program
The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy has designed a program specifically for the active population of the Sutherland Shire. Whether you are an elite athlete, serious about you sporting performance, a recreational athlete an individual or a team the Dynamic Sports Performance Program has something for you.

The program can include:
•           Problem specific one on one treatment
•           Musculoskeletal screening
•           Performance analysis
•           Strength and conditioning programs
•           Physiotherapy Sports Coverage
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The team at Dynamic Performance Physiotherapy have developed a individually tailored program to help mums' through the challenge of pregnancy and the effects on the body both during and after. With extensive experience in treating pregnant mum's we will find solutions and relief through this often challenging time.
The program can include:
•           Problem specific one on one treatment
•           Brace and support belt fitting for symptom relief
•           Exercise programs to assist in symptom relief and maintaining strength and fitness
•           Pelvic floor and deep abdominal stabiliser muscle retraining
•           Exercise classes for mum's and bub's in a child friendly location
•           Support networks for new (and not new) mum's
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